Kindness, love and generosity are no-obligation, one-way-transactions. It’s our choice to give them to others. ✨ Yet, if we are keeping a mental list of what we are doing for others and believing our actions are somehow obliging, we’re missing the big picture. When we doubt this concept, it’s helpful to recall times in our past when we were on the receiving end of generosity from others. Those times may have been quite obvious…or not. For example, we’re receiving not so obvious  gifts if a stranger lets us have the parking spot when we’re in a rush or when someone allows us cut the line when we have 3 grocery items and everyone else has full carts or it could even be that random smile we receive when we, ourselves, may be feeling less than smiley. Remember those moments. ✨ There is balance in the world—if we choose to see it. The people we give to, may or may not be the ones that return generosity to us…but others will and the more we notice random acts of kindness, love and generosity the better life gets. This is how good will works. ✨ Good actions are like currency for a Universal Bank of Deeds. We all make deposits and we all make withdrawals. If we’re worried about whether we’re getting our fair share of good will, it’s time to make more deposits.

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