Everything in the material universe holds the dual forces of attraction and repulsion. People magnetically draw fondness and sympathies as well as polar opposites such as animosity, aversion, distaste and repulsion. With magnetism, there is always some likeness in atomic structure that causes the effects of attraction; otherwise there is no attraction. For example, a magnet will not pull glass toward it, only iron particles. People are similar. We sense attraction and repulsion based on who we are.

We determine the type of magnet we become. Just like the physics of magnets, the stronger the magnet, the more powerful the force. Our magnetism may be physical, mental, spiritual—or ideally a bit of all three. We can learn to strengthen our physical magnetic forces by exercising and eating well; concentration and focus on any task will get it done more quickly and build our mental magnetism for future benefit; and keeping our minds tuned into the moment enhances spiritual magnetism and brings a greater sense of peace to our lives.

While magnetic power is inherently within each of us, our actions and choices determine what kind of magnet we become and what we shall attract. However, we cannot choose one magnetism over another: Our magnetism is symbiotic. If we choose to focus solely on material magnetism such as increasing our wealth, unless we are also focusing somehow on our spiritual magnetism (as in providing value of some kind), the wealth is less likely. If we think we can go to the gym to increase our physical magnetism but drink too much alcohol or smoke, our magnetism will be weak. Likewise, we can’t say: Today I’m going to become more spiritual, so I won’t work because that is too materialistic.

As my favorite line in the entire Star Wars series says: May the Force be with you. ✨

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