This past year I had the honor of having extensive conversations with two well-known, world-class athletes: one female, one male. Speaking with both, I asked a lot of questions because the path to excellence in anything fascinates me. 

Now before I tell you what they said, let me share this. As a perception analyst, for years I have studied verbal and physical messages in my efforts to interpret the unsaid. I ask, listen and observe conversations carefully while also paying close attention to what words are being repeated. As I’ve mentioned in other posts, when a significant word is repeated three or more times in a short span within any conversation, I know an important clue is being shared as to what another values, believes to be important, is thinking about, and/or holds top of their mind. When I notice a particular movement or phrase that is repeated, my next step is to interpret it’s meaning: The sincerity, importance, information it is sharing, the truth it holds or maybe even the lies.

During both of these particular conversations, two words were heavily repeated: Grateful and Thank you. Since some people throw around the word grateful along with the word love without associated actions — and in the process seem to reduce their deep meaning— I watched extra closely to assess whether I was seeing sincerity and action in alignment with the words grateful & thank you.

My conclusion? There is no small correlation between ultimate success and being grateful and thankful for whatever we have. I can say this for sure without a doubt because I trust my highly intuitive instincts and perceptions.  Thank you for joining me today. 

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