Turning points are those moments when our world seems to turn upside down—whether we like it or not. Crisis often accompanies our turning points, and difficult or important decisions must be made. Suddenly we are challenged to adapt, reach, grow—and maybe even rebirth ourselves into what feels like a new life. 

  Events and people can both spark turning points. Dilemmas arise when choices must be made. We doubt ourselves. We worry. We seek the opinion of others. Will we make the right decision? Life is demanding that we move through our fears. 

It is at the end of our comfort zone that life begins again and we find new strengths. Our commitment to seizing the moment, owning it and defining our destiny with our utmost conviction will largely define life as we know it. We’re forced to draw upon and use all of the skills, talents and energy that we’ve accumulated throughout our lives. Then, ultimately, we must face that moment when we will realize that nothing will ever be the same: Life will become divided into before and after this. There is no wrong way; no right way. There is only your way and you have the strength to go forward.

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