Whether it’s Bob Seger’s original song or Metallica’s cover, whenever “Turn the Page” comes on the radio, my mood gets infinitely better. While painful to the ears of others, I start singing along. 😉

In life, there always comes a time—sometimes many times—when you have to choose between turning the page or closing the book. To “turn the page” is to transition, to move on, to go from one role to another. It might involve making the choice to move from a negative or neutral situation to a more positive one.

We don’t need momentous events to trigger a turn of the page, although it may be an event, situation or person that causes us to finish that chapter. 

At any time in our lives, we can turn the page by making a choice to change something that would positively move us forward and create benefits in some way. 

We could choose to “turn the page” by smiling more. Laughing freely. Embracing new friendships. Changing our work. Moving. Exercising. Eliminating an unhealthy habit. The possibilities are endless. 

Maybe you’ve had to turn the page or close a book—maybe you’ve chosen to do so. Either way, you’ve learned lessons—because every book has at least one.

PS: This is an excerpt from my book The Silver Disobedience Playbook. 

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