Problems are messages. They are signals sent by the Ministry of Life, asking us to tune in and focus on something that needs more of our attention. 

If we start having accidents, it’s a good possibility that we’re more in our headspace than paying attention to our physical space. If we start noticing sniffles or signs of a cold, our bodies are letting us know we need better nutrition, less junk or alcohol and likely more sleep. If a headache develops, we’re getting a message that it’s time to step back from a situation and breathe.

This same concept applies to our relationships. If there’s a problem with someone, something is not being addressed. If we’re experiencing a series of problems in a similar genre — that’s the area in our life that is calling for our attention. If we don’t pay attention and decipher the message — the problems tend to intensify. 

Like radio towers, we receive signals all day, every day. It’s up to us to pay attention, heed the message and figure out how to change our tune before it becomes a problem.

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