I’ve collected a lifetime of “truisms.” Brief one liner expressions that I’ve used to guide my choices and re-set my thinking when it runs astray.  My Mom had a mental file of annoying truisms that she shared with myself and my 4 siblings regularly. Her favorite was, “Know Thyself.”  You couldn’t walk out of the house we lived in without seeing those words because she embroidered, framed and hung them over the front door of our home.  As a teenager I had days when I wanted to break that sign. Then, one day, I realized it’s actually pretty good advice.   

Today along with that truism, I’ve collected hundreds of others that I’ve filed away in my mind. I pull them out now and then to annoy my own children… who I hope, someday, will also come to realize their guiding force and maybe use them for directing their own lives and choices as well.

I’m curious, what’s your favorite truism?

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