Most vacation plans start with a focus on the destination and likely the price. While those are important, don’t overlook these important travel tips that should also be carefully considered.

Before putting down your credit card, it would be wise to consider all of the following ideas. 

  • Choose travel destinations and plan logistics according to the current health conditions of all traveling.
  • Consider getting a physical examination before taking any trip out of the country. Speak to your doctor about health concerns, environmental conditions, food restrictions, water concerns, etc.  
  • Ask your doctor about his or her advice on what to do if you have a medical problem.  Have your doctor’s phone numbers in a safe place and make sure those you are traveling with know exactly where they can find anything you might need.
  • In case of emergencies, bring more than the exact amount of your prescription medications.  Also, be sure to take important medical records, including proof that you can carry your prescriptions. 
  • Consider the benefits of trips with a group of friends or family or a tour, so you have company and support if necessary.
  • Read up ahead of departure regarding upcoming weather conditions that are either seasonal or current environmental factors that may impact your trip. Pack accordingly.
  • Besides considering destinations based on interest, novelty or suggestions of others — consider the comfort level and accessibility of each place. Take into account climates, terrain, transportation, political environments and more. While high altitudes offer great views,  plenty of physical strength is necessary to reach the peaks.
  • Explore special discounts for tourists over 50 years. Paying for travel age is often the ultimate secret to getting all sorts of discounts on transportation and entrance fees while visiting attractions.
  • Buy travel insurance ahead of time. While none of us ever expect anything to come in the way of our plans…Life comes with few guarantees.

Plan ahead to enjoy your trip!

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