In life we all choose to either rent or own things: Like owning our homes vs. renting one, for example. 

While financial considerations may certainly impact choices, often we rent because we haven’t really committed to a person, place or thing —because we’re thinking we might only be interested in staying or using it for a brief time. 

On the flip side, what is fascinating is that when it comes to homes and things we own, we’re often more committed to doing the maintenance required to keep what we perceive as “our assets” in tip top shape.

With this in mind, and considering the fact that it’s been real easy over the past few months to walk from our bed to kitchen to couch to table to desk to kitchen and later back to bed with a few other stops in between….ask yourself: Am I treating my priceless body like a renter or owner? And if I accidentally slipped and started to “rent my body” vs. “owning it”…what can I do today to take better care of myself?

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