If you have ever stalled when trying to make a decision, or if you’re stalling on making one now? Read this unless you have a crystal ball that will assure your decisions will turn out fine.

We all avoid making decisions, getting stuck in a state of paralysis from analysis, because we’re afraid of making the wrong decision. This stagnation does not come without a price: It can cripple us from succeeding in any number of areas where we’d really like to be enjoying greater success.

Facts are: We won’t get everything right all the time no matter how long we deliberate, and, we may miss some real good opportunities if we debate too long.

Making a decision to decide, even without all the information or comfort we may desire, is not reckless behavior. Rather it is acknowledgment of the fact that a time arrives and we must decide and let the chips fall where they may.

I make decisions all day long. I gather & assess as much information as I can and seek to make a decision as quickly as possible — because another decision is also going to need making! Sometimes I have to make decisions without all of the information in front of me. Do I love being in this position? No. That said, through experience, I have learned to trust my instincts; listen very closely to all opinions; gather data; speak up & argue a point if necessary sometimes going down with my opinion like the Titanic; understand the risks; defer if someone else is actually the ultimate decision-maker; and, I have absolutely learned to communicate as candidly as possible about all the potential issues prior to and after making a decision. 

Am I always right? Fortunately more often than not. I have a lifelong history of making decisions and gaining experience from my mistakes. I’ve also learned that sometimes the best move is to “Fall forward fast,” because sometimes it either works out just fine or I get a faster education as to what works and doesn’t work, as I learn from my mistakes and move forward.

While others wait until everything is perfect, others succeed with a wealth of trial and error experience.

Few decisions are final. It is also important to remember that decisions, usually create more decisions. This is closely aligned with the  principle that energy begets energy. Often, the hardest part is that kick start that get our motors running, yet once we’ve got momentum we’re off to the races, navigating new courses with greater skills.

Decisions are always at least a tad scary. We’re committing to something that will be somehow new and unknown. So start small and practice, practice, practice. Deciding quickly can be empowering. And if you didn’t make the the best decision? So what, you learned something. Start small and expand to more important issues, while you discover your inner power and control over your own life.

Remember, you are already on your way. After all you decided to read this.

I’m @DianGriesel aka a perception analyst & strategist; creative attitude disrupter & adjuster; author of The Silver Disobedience Playbook & TurboCharged: The Silver Disobedience Edition; and the blogger & model known as @SilverDisobedience  More info on my websites (search my name) and at Wilhelmina Models. Silver Disobedience® is a Registered Trademark