Life is a constant self-improvement test whereby we steadily grow into the best version of ourselves. With this as a personal meaning of life, there’s plenty to keep us categorically busy emotionally, physically, intellectually and spiritually. If we each identified daily tests of endurance—not just those that we design, but including those that surprise us along the way—we’d see that every day holds the possibility for us to become our own better version. This is a “self-ish” pathway that really benefits everyone. Committing to whichever areas we want to improve moves our focus away from judging others and puts it squarely back on ourselves. Dammit—we’ve got nobody else to blame! 😉

Possibilities to reach our best have not passed us because of age. Ben Franklin invented bifocals at 79; Nelson Mandela was elected president of South Africa at 72; Michelangelo designed the Basilica at 72; Tim and Nina Zagat started their restaurant guides in their 50s; Frank Lloyd Wright completed his Guggenheim Museum work at 91.

Whatever is happening in our lives, wherever we are living, whomever we are living with—we can still release and embrace our own best purpose that is unique to us.

Grandiosity is subjective: Being the most fun grandparent (or parent); the best listener; the most likely to laugh and tell a good joke; the plumber or electrician who can solve any challenge; the best-est, most fun-est, most-wonderful whatever! Making healthier food choices; exercising in some way every day to stay strong and flexible; reading or doing crossword puzzles or anything else to keep our minds strong.

Doing those things we’ve wanted…but have been waiting to do…whatever they are…all count toward becoming our personal best. The world needs each of us to strive toward whatever we each define as our personal best. Own the fact that today, tomorrow and the next day are all your time to shine.

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