(SD-SP) Remember those long, exhausting days? Responsibility after responsibility. Making lunches. Getting kids ready for school. Cleaning the house. Mowing the lawn. Working long hours at the office in hopes of making it home for dinner with your family. Helping with homework. Managing household responsibilities. Those were the days you likely mumbled, “I don’t have a moment to myself.” In fact, one survey found that parents only get 32 minutes of “me time” a day according to Parents.com.

The good news is you made it! The better news is that you may now have more moments when you can relax and enjoy yourself. The best news is you have choices on where and how to spend your time. In light of this, those over 55 or approaching that age, may find themselves exploring senior living communities, like Brookdale, that have many of the same attributes of community living and also offer a great option for those who are looking to downsize their homes, while mixing and mingling with people who share common interests, yet still living independently.

Do you love the house but not the housework?

Do you like having a house but not all the maintenance that comes with it? The upkeep of a yard and house can be taxing physically, while also draining free time during which could be enjoyed while having more fun. A senior living community can offer a beautiful residence with zero maintenance. Find one that offers a variety of room sizes and floor plans, allowing customized choices. In some communities, like Brookdale, residents are welcome to bring personal belongings and furnishings to make their new space feel more like home. Have a pet? They can come, too!  

Do you love having a social life but not the planning and organizing?

All the extra time you have is great but sometimes it is a hassle to try to make plans with friends or think of activities to do. This is not an issue at a senior living community. Check out the “A Day In The Life of an Independent Living Resident” to see how a day is filled with activities including fitness classes, bowling, and book clubs! One Brookdale resident shared, “Now I have more time for my favorite hobbies. The best part of living here is all the new friends I have met. Everything I want and need is all right here.”

Do you love independence, but want a break from cooking or other chores?  

Cooking three meals a day can be exhausting and that time could be spent doing something else more enjoyable. While residences can include a kitchen, some communities also have chefs available that provide  delicious culinary dishes made with fresh ingredients – so many residents can opt for the dining room experience more often.

Having a car is a convenience, but sometimes being a passenger is more relaxing. It’s nice to find an independent living community that allows you to bring your own car, but also has transportation available for those times when you want to relax on route to doctor’s appointments, errands and social outings.  

Independent living communities, like Brookdale can ensure that our most memorable life moments happen every day.