Nothing we do is time wasted if it expresses something within us that we feel is important. Yet, what is important to each of us individually may or may not be relevant or important to another. As a result, the reactions of others to what we are choosing to do with our time must be considered accordingly, unless we’re doing what we want to do while someone is paying us to do otherwise.

Time is an irreplaceable asset. Spending it doing nothing or worrying about what others will think about what we’re doing is a big waste of our finite precious time. No matter how we choose to allocate the spending of our time, someone will  have comments and opinions. Those comments often will have little to do with what we’re doing and are more reflections of another’s thinking and what they feel are important ways to spend their time. So, when others question what we’re doing, while it’s always worthwhile to consider the source and reflect on the validity of the thought as it relates to our own life, we nonetheless owe it to ourselves to proceed if what we’re doing fulfills something that we personally feel is important.

Express yourself. Study, exploration and self-expression are at the foundation of life satisfaction. Learning to express what’s important to us through actions that fulfill our dreams ultimately benefits not just ourselves, but also those around us.

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