I view life as a constant balancing act. I analogize it to kind of like walking on a tightrope. To stay balanced on a tightrope, we cannot look down because looking down will absolutely cause a tumble. Instead, to not fall, we have to trust that we are putting one foot in front of the other, moving forward, as we keep our sights on some point set straight ahead of us.

I equate a tightrope to life because I’ve always felt that if I allow myself to linger in looking down, I risk falling into negative, poisonous thoughts.  It I look up too high, I lose my point of focus that keeps me balanced. It’s a fine line to follow.

But committing myself to looking straight ahead, I can learn and grow, moving forward one step at a time. Keeping my balance with trust that I will remain steady and focused.

Sometimes I stumble, but I catch myself by keeping my thoughts on balance in the moment,  steadying my eyes on a personally achievable mark. I’ve learned that the best time to squash a negative thought is the moment it enters my mind. I see it then gently kick it off my rope before I allow it the chance to trip up my energy and focus.  It can linger below me…but I don’t have to dive in and go for a swim. 

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