If you share a birthday with some of the cast of Friends (i.e., you’re in your 50s) then you may be starting to navigate menopause, which starts at age 51 on average according to Mayo Clinic. Everyone knows about the potential for hot flashes and unpleasant changes that fluctuating hormones bring, but here are three tips for easing the transition.

Have Open Conversations with Your Doctor

Everyone will experience their own set of symptoms – from hot flashes to sleep problems to mood changes and to a slower metabolism. It’s important to know that even if you experience symptoms differently than others, you are not alone in your journey. Openly discussing changes in your body and mood with your doctor can help them advise on a personalized approach to treatment.

Increase Blood Flow

You may be saying goodbye to “Aunt Flow,” but blood flow becomes very important during menopause. According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, the transition to menopause can change the brain structure and cause memory loss. However, an increase in blood flow can help to compensate for declines in brain function associated with menopause. So, get that blood flowing to the brain and all throughout your body by staying hydrated, exercising (walking and yoga or anything else that you enjoy will do it!), eating healthy fruits and veggies, and cutting back on alcohol.  Ready to make some improvements but not sure where to start? TurboCharged: The Silver Disobedience Edition has analyzed decades of research on nutrition, dieting, health and fat loss to design a program that is very easy to follow and hard to “cheat” on.

See Menopause as a Beginning, Not an End

While menopause is defined as the end of menstrual periods, these changes could be the beginning of a new period in your life. You may consider the transition to menopause as the perfect time to start meditating more regularly to be more in tune to your mind. Menopause might also be the time to realize you don’t need to sweat the small stuff (you’ll may be doing enough sweating at night!) and to accept the challenges that life throws at you with a new attitude.

Transitioning to menopause is something that every woman must go through eventually. These three tips are just some of the ways to embrace the changes that are ahead as you continue to live agelessly.