This won’t be another New Year’s resolution article (although those can be helpful!) but rather an article to get you thinking (and excited!) for possible new changes to make in the new year. While change may sometimes be hard, it can also be fun! Here are some interesting ideas to make this upcoming year new,  different and fun for you!

Tattoo for You?

Need a pick-me-up? Maybe a tattoo can help! In a study published in the journal Body Image participants report significantly greater body appreciation and self-esteem after immediately after getting a tattoo. “People are forced to think about themselves when getting a tattoo and I have seen people start to love and appreciate themselves and their body after getting one,” says tattoo artist Lina Shuliar. If you are considering getting a tattoo, Lina suggests meeting with an artist first to talk about your needs so that the final artwork brings you joy and happiness. “A lot of people don’t know what they really want, so it is helpful for me to meet with them, make a connection, and understand what they are looking for, even if they can’t articulately express it at first. “I want to make my clients happy first and foremost. That is the most important thing to me,” says Shuliar.

Change Your Space

Look around. Is your couch in the same spot it’s been for the last 20 years? Maybe it is time to make a change to your living space. Just rearranging your furniture can bring mental benefits such as solidifying your sense of safety, sparking your creativity, grounding yourself, and helping you embrace change, according to Apartment Therapy. A bonus to this activity is it also results in a cleaner living space as you soon realize the dust and dirt that has accumulated as you start moving pieces around.

Hair Time

“Hair color is a personal choice.  It’s fun and changeable. I’ve had every color, literally, that hair can be dyed.  The good thing is, until we lose it, it grows back,” says Dian Griesel founder of SilverDisobedience. If you are wanting a simple change or a drastic change, that can be reversible (with time!), your hair is a good place to start. “Experiment and find the hair color that fits your personality and if you don’t like it?  Don’t worry!  It grows and you can always dye it another shade,” says Griesel.

Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher, is credited to saying, “The only constant in life is change.”  So with that in mind, what change are you embracing in the new year?

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