Do you should on your self?  We all should on ourselves from time to time. “I should do this” or “I shouldn’t have done that.” Sometimes we even should on others telling them what we think thy should be doing.

If you should find yourself in a mental or verbal mindset of should…it’s time for a Should Inventory.

Add your WHY? 

Why should you x, y or z?

Why shouldn’t you have a, b or c’d?

Often we’re doing these things unconsciously. So when you notice the word should popping up in your thought or words, you owe it to yourself (and maybe others you’re shouldn’t on) to assess the root of the issue.  Perhaps it’s unexplored worry, guilt, insecurities, obligations, or just plain beliefs that we’re not even sure why we have.

I’m not saying you should or shouldn’t.  I am proposing that you get to your why.  Because understanding our why we do things or not — is immensely helpful towards moving forward to the who we want to be.  

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