We all have moments of doubt. We wonder about life, love and humanity. Here are just a few wondrous, life and faith-affirming ideas to contemplate.

The colors of the rainbow are always in the same order. Red at the top, violet on the bottom.

Imagine those feats of strength shown when someone picks up another with love and carries them to get them to help. This kind of instinct is in our nature…all Nature.  An ant can drag something 25 times its body mass. They aren’t taught this, they don’t train for it. They just do it. 

The largest eagle nest ever found was twenty feet deep and ten feet wide. That’s bigger than my first NYC apartment that had the tub in the kitchen and the bathroom out in the hall.

Earth is estimated to weigh six sextillion tons. I have no idea how many zeros that number has, but it’s a marvelous miracle to imagine that it manages to float in space.

Speaking of Earth, our bodies have 60,000 miles of blood vessels — enough to wrap around the planet 2 and a half times! They transport nutrients to all of our 24-7-365.

Oak trees are late bloomers. They don’t make their first acorn until they’re about 50! After that, they generate about 50,000 a year. That’s kind of how I view my mind as it births thoughts these days!

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