Since our thoughts are the conduit of energy that we bring into our daily experiences, and since we have complete authority over our thoughts, let’s consider this premise: All that we accrue that has true value has and will always require immersion of our entire personality, which includes all of our intellectual, emotional and spiritual traits.  Within whatever our circumstances, the variable of our success in living happy lives is intimately tied with what we are willing to seek, accept and embody.  

No matter how off-course our lives may seem at times, the treasure trove of gifts from our experience and our thoughts about the affirmative nature of those experiences are both our power and also our riches to draw upon. We can turn to our innate wisdom over and over again which is rooted in everything that is truly valuable and important. 

Embrace wholesome and constructive ideas as they will always direct our moral compass’ in a favorable direction at every phase of life.  

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