Today, instead of thinking about doing something, do something. Do whatever it is that you’ve been thinking about doing.  If someone else can do it, you can do it.  Maybe you can’t do it at their capacity or skill level yet, but it would be ridiculous to assume elementary beginners can do or compare themselves with what long term committed others are doing. Raise your level of personal commitment, and, accordingly, you’ll raise your abilities as well.

Don’t demand perfection. Demand that you start. Demand that you put in the effort. Demand that you don’t quit unless you seriously decide there is no proven value in your commitment of time and energy.

Go for it. Don’t squander your time. Act. 

And, keep growing quietly. Build your confidence. As you go forward and grow, your confidence will grow as well. You’ll know when it’s time to show the world the commitment you have made to your endeavors — and more likely they’ll have noticed. Either way, at that point you’ll be stronger. You’ll have proven to yourself that you can meet adversity head on and push through. 

Remember: There’s no elevator to any success you want. Everyone rises by taking the stairs one step at a time.

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