Have you ever wondered why some people purchase really nice furniture, yet for the most part, keep it covered in plastic indefinitely or until company comes over? Aren’t couches purchased for personal comfort, relaxation and enjoyment? Why would someone save the couch, for only guests to enjoy the specialness of the furniture?  I’m not stating any of this as a judgement, more as something I’ve just wondered about. 

Because, simultaneously, while I’ve pondered the plastic-couch-cover phenomenon in some homes— I realize that over the years I’ve done my own version of this, and maybe you have, too.

For example, have you ever purchased yourself a nice shirt or pair of pants, only to rarely wear it, because you’re “Saving it for a special occasion”?  I’m not talking about formal attire. Rather just a really nice shirt or pants that would really make you feel great if you wore them for no occasion at all and for no reason in particular, other than that you like them! 

I remember dating someone years ago when I first moved to NYC. He had a very nice home and the coolest toothbrush I had ever seen. I’d seen his kind of toothbrush in catalogs and I remember thinking, “Wow! He uses a $30 toothbrush!”  As a 24 year old, I was a bit in awe of such an “extravagant” expenditure. I remember asking him: “Why did you buy such an expensive toothbrush? Do you really use that everyday?” He somewhat equally awestruck, but by my question, responded: “Why would I save it? What’s more important than taking caring of myself and my teeth everyday?”

It was right in that moment that the worlds of plastic slip covers and toothbrushes collided. I began to reconsider the choice to actively use anything I would ever again purchase. There would be no more waiting for a special occasion.  If I woke up, it was a special occasion.  

That’s what I’m thinking about. That today is a good day to enjoy using whatever we have (tangible and/or intangible) because, no matter what is going on, today is a special occasion. 

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