Why do feelings and thoughts whip us around? Because there is a correlation between the two. Feelings are a direct reflection of the thoughts we are thinking.

If we’re feeling happy, it is because we’re thinking happy thoughts. Likewise, If we’re feeling sad or angry, it is because we’re recalling sad thoughts or thinking about something that is making us mad.

Understanding this is paramount to having more good days than bad; more happy days than sad. 

If we can recognize that it is our thoughts that are triggering the emotion, we can empower ourselves to ask: Do I want to keep thinking this if it makes me feel this way?  Your answer will largely be determined by the set of emotions you’re feeling, what you might need to discuss with another or work out.

I write regularly about taking the time to breathe because of the importance of this concept.  When anger grabs hold of me, it is because I’m thinking angry, frightened, out of control, worried thoughts. Anger has its place.  It is an emotion that is as worthy as happiness.  That said, anger originates from our thoughts about a person or situation. Feelings of contentment arise when I stop, breathe and seek the silver lining in the person or situation WHILE remembering that craziness might be happening yet my immediate world doesn’t change that much on a second to second basis…but my thoughts sure can.

Note: I’m not talking about medical conditions of clinically diagnosed anxiety, depression or anything of the sort. As always, I encourage you to seek professional help within your community if necessary. 

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