What we expect to happen more often than not will. This applies to ourselves, relationships with others and both work & situational outcomes.

It’s quite fascinating that once we develop a strong opinion —about whether someone or something is good or bad — life seems to line up and get into place to make that opinion our new reality.

With conscious awareness, or not, our thoughts result in actions and responses that assure that our beliefs and our expections will materialize.

The catch is, this happens both positively and negatively.

In light of this, it pays to really notice how you are speaking about yourself, others and situations.  For example: If someone is speaking and they say, “This situation is killing me.” That thought, that statement, needs to be corrected and nullified. Nothing is killing you. The situation may be really crappy, challenging, adversarial, difficult…whatever—but it is not killing you and you cannot allow your words or thoughts to state otherwise.

Today is a good day to do a thought-audit. Are your thoughts constructively inclined towards a positive & healthy life; loving & supportive relationships; and rewarding work experiences? If life doesn’t seem to be going as well as we might like, the first place to start changing things for the better is with how we’re thinking about it.

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