Missing your favorite coffee shop and trying to recreate some fancy morning beverages or afternoon pick-me-ups at home? If so, there’s a chance you might have seen on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook or TikTok mouth-watering images or videos of “whipped coffee,” also known as Dalgona coffee. This tasty treat was first made popular in South Korea and is basically made by whipping together instant coffee, sugar and hot water until it looks almost like soft-serve, and then adding it to the milk of your choice.

In fact, even celebrities like Lizzo have tried their hands at making whipped coffee themselves — though she wasn’t as successful she had hoped to be in her video. Because of its virality, creative kitchen experimenters have been coming up with all sorts of variations to suit every taste. Plenty of recipes abound for substitutes using matcha powder, strawberry, and chocolate in place the instant coffee. Others have tried their whipped coffee with added cinnamon, vanilla, caramel or other flavors.

A custom made whipped Dalgona coffee.

Yet there’s a new variation that is starting to trend and it could boost whipped coffee from just a treat to a delicious “booster shot” that gets the blood flowing. The secret ingredient being added by those “in the know” is cocoa flavanols, which are the powerful plant-based nutrients found in natural cocoa beans. Many are opting to use CocoaVia™ supplements, which can be purchased in a powdered drink mix form, because they provide a guaranteed 450 mg of cocoa flavanols per serving (the highest level available on the market) while also providing a delicious boost of flavor to beverages like coffee (regular or Dalgona), smoothies and other drinks.

A cocoa plant hanging from a tree

Why are cocoa flavanols so unique and powerful? Unlike many other supplements that may seem popular one minute and then dismissed the next, cocoa flavanols are one of the most highly-researched, plant-based nutrients in the world with more than two decades of scientific study and more than 150 scientific papers.

The cocoa flavanols in CocoaVia™ have been proven to boost the body’s natural supply of nitric oxide, considered a “supermolecule” because of its ability to allow arteries to relax and widen, promoting healthy blood flow throughout the body. Healthy blood flow means that vital organs like the brain and the heart, along with muscles and tissues, are able to get the oxygen and nutrients needed for optimal performance.

So, the next time you decide to whip up a social-media worthy treat for all of your followers to see and for you to enjoy, remembering to add CocoaVia™ cocoa flavanols – it’s a smart way to support your body, particularly as it ages.

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