(SD-SP) There are lots of way to celebrate the Dads in our lives this Father’s Day. Here are a few ideas for fixing, fitness and fun.


If something breaks, who do you call to action? Dads often get the reputation for being the ones to fix things around the house. Rather than another set of tools, for the fathers you know who like to tinker, ask if you can try to fix something together. Dads will love the opportunity to share their knowledge and expertise and covet the quality time together. With so many people purchasing new homes or remodeling, now might be a perfect time to tackle a project together.


While some fathers are keen to embrace a “dad bod” more than others, all can appreciate the importance of being healthy. For example, former college athlete and father of two children, Paul Wilke, noticed his health declining ten years ago and decided to make some life changes. One of the changes he made was incorporating cocoa flavanols into his daily routine. Scientific studies show cocoa flavanols, the powerful plant-based nutrient found in natural cocoa beans help your body naturally increase its production of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is a super-molecule that supports healthy blood flow which enables the delivery of essential oxygen and nutrients to every organ, muscle and tissue throughout the body. The best way to add cocoa flavanols to your routine is the supplement CocoaVia™, which contains the highest levels of cocoa flavanols available in a supplement today (as high as 750 mg per serving) and has been shown to support both cardiovascular health and cognitive health. CocoaVia™ is one of the small changes Paul made to his life.  “I found that I can make simple changes in my life to improve the outcome of my health. I want to be there for my kids.” Encourage your Dad to make healthy changes in his life, starting with CocoaVia!


The best Dads, no matter their generation, love to have fun. If you don’t have a Father’s Day tradition with your loved ones, now might be a great time to start a fun one! Whether it’s going on a trip, to an amusement park, the beach, boating, grilling, kicking back and watching TV, or simply having a competition as to who can tell the corniest “Dad Joke,” sharing smiles and laughter with the fathers in your life is a special gift that will be remembered for years to come.

Fixing, fitness and fun – three simple ways to honor the fathers in your life, on Father’s Day, and any time throughout the year.

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