There is no such thing as a copyright on one’s views on life. If you hear someone saying something that sounds wonderful, enticing, inviting, exciting or captures your attention, consider adopting that thought and working it into your own views and perspectives. 

While an idea might originate with another, if you find yourself deeply relating to it, this means that some similar idea may have already existed within you although you may not have realized it or been ready to verbalize it. You have the ability to recognize the thought exists, because of the potential within you.  

Speaking with others, gathering their opinions and incorporating knowledge from those your encounter is how we learn and it isn’t copying.  But you really know you have learned when you can take the ideas of others and express what you have learned in your own words.

Learning really begins at a deep level when we feel enriched by the wisdom and insight contained in the knowledge, adventures, experiences and words of others and we begin to assimilate it into our own experience of Life.  

Ideas are in the collective consciousness of the Universe. Combining those ideas with action is what makes them truly yours.

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