When I think about the worst advice I have ever been given, it usually involved someone telling me that I shouldn’t do something I wanted to try. This was usually followed by a variety of opinions questioning my choices, abilities and often my sanity.  

Funny thing is I mostly proceeded anyway, although certainly not without fear.  In retrospect, I wish I never asked for advice from anyone other than those who were in a position to lift me up, teach me, create introductions or laugh with me because they could personally relate when I failed.

While to some degree or another many of us say we want to live creative lives, do what we love, and live a life that makes us feel fulfilled — there’s only one way to do this: We have to lose our fear of being wrong. We must lose our fear of being ridiculed, laughed at and/or being the butt of another’s jokes.

I’ve been wrong in business, relationships, parenting, personal choices and more— it’s a long list.  

I’ve also been right. 

That said, the funny thing is that the lessons I remember best came from those times I really put myself out there and risked looking foolish as well as those resulting from adversity that had nothing to do with my choices.  The lessons are vivid to me and I wouldn’t trade a single one of them. 

Nobody knows what you can do.  They won’t know unless you show them.  And you know what? You won’t know either unless you risk trying.

If there’s anything you’re debating about trying…unless it could really hurt you or someone important to you…I highly encourage you to go for it. No matter what happens, you’ll have good new stories to tell!

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