When envisioning the quintessential image of curiosity, it is quite possible that a child—one with all the time in the world, one who is asking a zillion questions—comes to mind. Juxtaposed against this might be a tired adult, stressed with responsibilities and lack of time.

Curiosity is a youthful trait. Yet in an effort to socialize us, society often frowns on too many questions in an effort to keep “education” progressing and the classroom orderly. Add too much imagination to our questions and suddenly labels such as “attention deficit” or “hyperactive” start to be used. “Why can’t they just stick to the topic and stop all the mental meandering?”

This is ironic, because when we recall the genuinely fascinating people we’ve met in life, it is likely their curiosity that caught our attention—along with their lust for life and a deep desire to learn on their own and from others. Curious people are in a high self-education mode and enthusiastic about enhancing their knowledge. Knowing this, why is the value of curiosity diminished or, worse, claimed to have killed cats?

Curiosity threatens the status quo. It insists that we reassess those areas in our minds that we’ve closed. Curious people ask questions that sometimes require us to acknowledge that we don’t know everything. How uncomfortable to admit we might not have all the answers! Curiosity demands that questions be answered and unknowns explored when really sometimes all we want is certainty. Why can’t some people “just leave it alone?”

Curiosity is a wonderful trait. It’s the most alive, youthful trait we can have. Don’t worry if you think you’ve lost your curiosity. It can be practiced. It’s all about being willing to listen and ask questions. Taking the risk to try something new. Asking opinions of others and trying to understand their perspective instead of getting them to understand ours. Changing up a routine to take a new route to just see what’s around the corner.

We can be curious at any age. It’s never too late to develop our curiosity, going boldly to explore new possible ways of thinking and seeing. What can you be curious about today?


I’m @DianGriesel aka @SilverDisobedience

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