In my experience, whenever I start attempting a new adventure, I get asked: “Why? Why are you doing this, Dian? What are you thinking? Do you really need to? What’s your motivation? Can’t you sit still? Why, why, why?”

But the funny thing is that after I do whatever it is that I wanted to do, the question becomes: “How?” 

I don’t like to answer too many “why” questions. I dislike them immensely. Part of me wants to be obnoxious and say, “Because I can.” (As I once heard someone confidently say.) But the more stable part of me says: “Because I can’t not try.” It’s further possible that my disdain for “why” questions is because I’m being asked to logically explain an intangible urge. 

When it comes to “how” questions?  I soak them up! I’d teach all day long if I could. It’s not bragging, though part of me wishes it was — because that could mean that I feel “finished” or “accomplished” or finally “complete.”   

But no.  I love “how” questions because they enable me to encourage by example. To help others believe, even if only a little (but hopefully a lot!) that new possibilities exist. Not just for me, but for anyone who risks trying new adventures into the unknown. 

How are you going to attack your day?

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