Who, What, and Why travel with your pet?

Author, entrepreneur, and pet travel advocate, Gayle Martz, writes in her new book IT’S IN THE BAG, “We all want our pets as part of our families, to be with us as much as possible. You wouldn’t leave a son, daughter, husband, wife or other much-loved human behind when you took a trip, so why would you have to leave your pet behind?” Thanks to Martz’s advocacy and her hard-won battle to allow pets to travel on commercial airlines, you don’t have to. You can travel safely, comfortably, and stylishly with your pet. After being cooped up in your home, it might bring you joy to start thinking about a trip by car or plane with your beloved, furry, quarantine companion!

When is the best time to take a trip with your pet?

The best time to take a trip all depends on where you want to go. With spring in the air and summer quickly approaching, the warm weather makes many places more desirable.  Restaurants now offer a lot more outdoor seating options as a result of the pandemic, which makes it much easier to tote your beloved pet along. Take advantage of the warm temperatures and open-air seating and start planning a trip! Of course, if it’s a new pet, make sure that it has all of its shots, is housebroken and you know its personality and schedule to make traveling as smooth as possible. Be prepared!

Where should you go?

The United States is full of pet-friendly destinations, boasting pooch-approved parks, attractions, dog parks, hotels, and restaurants. The popular pet travel website, Bring Fido, has tons of pet-travel information on over 14,000 cities worldwide. Just type in your destination and discover all the pet-friendly spots in each locale. Many of the cities not only offer lodging and great outdoor destinations to explore with your pet, but also have restaurants that even have menus for your dog! Some of the top cities for pet travel according to Bring Fido include Portland, OR, Austin, TX, Asheville, NC Phoenix, AZ and Tampa, FL to name a few.

How do you travel with a pet?

Here’s where Gayle Martz comes in with the pro-tips on how to travel comfortably and safely with your pet. First, get yourself The SHERPA Bag®, Martz’s original soft-sided pet carrier, which offers a wide variety of options to suit your pet travel needs. The bags are properly ventilated and cushioned for pet safety and comfort. In Martz’s new book, IT’S IN THE BAG, she offers expert advice to help make traveling with your pet go as smoothly as possible. Tips reminding pet owners to bring food, snacks, to line the bag with absorbent liners, and to bring a water bowl and water for your pet are easily forgotten in the chaos of packing and leaving for a vacation but are essential for comfortable pet travel. Martz also suggests having your pet get accustomed to their travel bag prior to embarking on your trip. Let your pet sit in the bag while at home. Take them to a local store in the bag to associate travel with a positive, pleasant experience. Put their favorite toys in the bag so they are happy to hop right in when it’s time to go.

Now might just be the perfect time to take a trip with your pet. Thanks to Gayle Martz, you can do it! Be sure to check with your airline for any travel restrictions or requirements regarding your pet before booking. Grab a copy of Martz’s new book, IT’S IN THE BAG, to read while en route. If you’re a pet lover like Martz, you will be inspired by her entrepreneurial spirit, passion, and hard work in the name of pet travel. Happy trails!