Many things that we might consider valuable have a price. If I want to buy some new sunglasses, that decision comes with a cost. I might not like spending the money — but I ultimately enjoy the experience of wearing the new sunglasses.  

Mistakes also cost us and often have to be paid for. But, the way I know see it is this: We purchased some new experience. 

This perspective came to me a long time ago, when I made a really BIG financial mistake. Upon telling a friend, he reminded me that in life we get what we pay for. He further said that in my case I had “purchased some BIG education.” 

When I look back at the many mistakes I’ve made so far in life, I realize this: Today I would tell anyone that it is a mistake not to make mistakes at least occasionally! 

You’ll have to pay up for many of those mistakes, but the bigger the experience, the more valuable the ultimate lesson. 

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