The Two Crabs, a tale by Aesop, a Greek slave who lived some 2,500 years ago is still timeless today.  I have several collections Aesop’s tales and I’ll be sharing some of my favorites over the next few days. I hope you enjoy thinking about them as much as I do. 

A Mother crab and her child were strolling along the beach one day. It was a fine morning, but the mother crab was too busy to enjoy the lovely weather as she was too busy scolding her offspring.  “Why in the world, child, do you not walk as other creatures do? Why do you go backwards instead of forwards?” she complained.   

“Mother, dear,” replied the little, young crab, “Please do set the example yourself, and I will follow you gladly.”

The Moral of the Story:  Example is the best precept. 

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