The concepts presented in my one of my newest books, The TurboCharged® Pocket Guide: 8 Steps to Greater Health, Strength & Immunity can change lives by significantly improving health while also rapidly reducing excess body fat. TurboCharged was first introduced over twelve years ago and became a best-seller after hundreds of news articles featured the program and a segment on The Today Show highlighted an enthusiastic follower who had lost 75 pounds in just six months following his orthopedic surgeon’s recommendation to try the program— all while his health improved exponentially!✨

Today, the 8 Simple Steps are just as effective and in fact maybe even more relevant based on current research. Now, in this TurboCharged Pocket Guide, readers can keep the tips handy without the bulk of the supporting science, which can be found in TurboCharged: The Silver Disobedience Edition. ✨

With a relatable, non-judgemental style, I, @DianGriesel aka @SilverDisobedience share easy to implement tips that collectively result in improving health while excess fat is lost quickly. I explain in a very accessible way how the 8 practical intertwined steps can help each reader decide how to create their own personal lifestyle program. ✨

On a mission to help everyone live and love agelessly, through The Silver Disobedience® Life Enhancement Mini-Playbook Series, as a perception analyst, author and a creative, I am expanding on certain daily blog topics to help readers delve a little more deeply into self-exploration-worthy ideas. I am a firm believer that through greater understanding of all the ways that we are each unique yet also quite similar – we can collectively begin to embrace and cheer not only ourselves but others as well, setting the stage and challenge for us all to live our best lives at every age. ✨

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