Whenever I’m shooting on the street with Rich Kissi aka @RichKissi we’re always looking for fun props to hijack. So as we were cruising along the streets the other day, we couldn’t resist a few shots with this hammer that somebody accidentally left by a dumpster. Next? I needed a story, so here goes! 

In life you need the right tools.  In many ways we may have all the right tools, but we need to know how to use them. As such, the best investments we can make are in the tools of our trade because having the right tools improves how we work and better tools improve how we think. With the right tools we can get the job done. And we need a variety of tools in our toolbox because it’s hard to hammer with a screw driver. Still, we have to work with whatever tools we have — though doing our best to acquire a few more tools is always a good idea. And as someone said: If our only tool is a hammer, then every problem looks like a nail. But lastly, it is the passion we have for learning, for expanding our minds and our awareness, that is our ultimate tool for living a full life. 

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