Dr. Geezer was a retired physician who was getting bored with all his extra time so he decided to reopen a medical clinic. He posted ads that said: “Dr. Geezer offers treatments for $500. — if not cured, you’ll get $1000. back”

Dr. Youngman was positive the old Geezer was crazy and didn’t know much about medicine. He figured this was a quick opportunity to make a fast $1000 bucks. So, he went to Dr. Geezer and said, “Dr. Geezer, I’ve lost all taste in my mouth. Can you help me?”  Dr Geezer called his Nurse and asked her to bring medicine from Box 22 and to put 3 drops in Dr. Youngman’s mouth.  Dr. Youngman yelled: “Yuck! That’s gasoline!”  Dr. Geezer said, “Congratulations!  You’ve got your taste back. That will be $500.  

Dr. Yougman was pretty annoyed. So, A couple of days later he goes back to Dr. Geezer with a new plan. “Dr. Geezer,” he says, “I’ve lost my memory and cannot remember anything.”  Dr. Geezer calls his Nurse and requests the medicine from Box 33 and another 3 drops in Dr. Youngman’s mouth.  “Oh no!” said Dr. Youngman, “That’s gasoline!”   “Congratulations, you’ve got your memory back!” said Dr. Geezer as he asked for another $500.  

Now, having lost $1000 Dr. Young is angry. But he comes back in a few days saying, “I’ve lost my eyesight. I can’t see anything.”  Dr. Geezer says, “Hmmm. I have no medicine for that, so here’s your $1000.” And he handed Dr. Youngman a $10 bill. “But this is only $10 dollars,” said Dr. Youngman.  Dr. Geezer replied: “Congratulations! You just got your vision back! That will be $500.”  

Moral of the story?  Just because you’re young doesn’t mean you can outsmart an old Geezer.