The Stag and the Vine, a tale by Aesop, a Greek slave who lived some 2,500 years ago is still timeless today.  I have several collections Aesop’s tales and I’ll be sharing some of my favorites over the next few days. I hope you enjoy thinking about them as much as I do. 🌿 A stag, pursued by hunters and wearing from the long chase, took refuge among the branches of a vine where he concealed himself amidst the foliage.  The hunters passed within a few yards of him without discovering his hiding place. As the sound of their voices died away, the stag believed he was safe, so he began nibbling at the tender green leaves that had sheltered and protected him. 🌿 As he tugged at the leaves, the movement and sounds of the branches caught the attention of one of the hunters. Guessing at once that the stag might be hiding there, the hunter drew his bow and shot an arrow into the rustling vines and killed the stag. 🌿 As the animal lay dying he groaned: “I am being justly punished for my ingratitude toward the vine that had protected me in my time of danger.”  🌿
The Moral of the Story: Throw no stones into the well that quenched your thirst. Ingratitude can bring it’s own consequences. ✨

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