When I turned 50 several years back, someone gave me a card that said: ‘Congratulations! You’re over the hill. Now life will really start to pick up speed.’ While it was meant to be humorous, it was actually a real wake-up call. I was at an age and point in time, like so many others, where I was wishing that I could stop the clock and slow the sands of time. In so many ways, life was just dawning. ✨ Speeding through life or not moving fast enough can both cause the same problem: If we are going to fast we may miss too many things. Yet, the same can be said if we’re going to slow we may miss many things as well. ✨ Since this is our one and only life, we need to find our pace. Ideally it will proceed fast enough to accomplish all we want to do, yet, equally slow and easy so that we can stop a minute, enjoy, listen and learn. Because it is the minutes where all the details, conversations, insights, understanding and compassion originates. Each day has 1440 minutes. How are you spending yours? ✨ 

Lots of love,

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