Do you view significant others — mates, children, friends — as problems to be solved?  Or, are they mysteries to be explored and loved in the process?  

When we think others need our “fixing” assistance — relationships are often strained. We can’t prevent the consequences of another’s actions. If what another is doing is stressing us, the message we’re sending is: I can’t handle my anxiety relating to this situation.  What the other person hears and interprets is:  If you can’t handle your own anxiety, how can I cope with mine?  This becomes a relationship devaluing spiral with all parties contributing to the building stress.

If we can step back, see our own involvement and recognize the anxiety we may be contributing to the relationship, we can start to practice loving others as they are:  Each of us fully capable of finding our own way— at any and every age. The more we are given the space to try, stumble, try again, and learn through our respective journeys— the better equipped and more confident we become to amicably resolve issues  that will inevitably arise. 

The space we give to ourselves and others is love.  This love is most recognizable when we remove our expectations of another and see them as the worthy beings they already are. Doing this becomes a cycle of love that reverberates back to ourselves.

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