The SilverDisobedience Playbook

Followers of Dian Griesel’s highly regarded blog, Silver Disobedience, have asked for her essays in book form.

This is her response.

Daily, thousands of women and men respond to short Silver Disobedience® essays posted on an assortment of social media accounts. Not with a mere thumbs-up: Dian’s passionate readers share extensive personal responses, stories and gratitude for her heartfelt candor about deep feelings, thoughts, fears, problems and doubts to which so many seem to closely relate. As a “she-ro” to many, and as one who is said to be grounded in the common sense of being real, Dian offers comforting, challenging and practical advice. Her warmth, relatable stories and overall receptive tone encourage readers to contemplate their own ideas and explorations of age and aging.

“Silver Disobedients™,” as her followers proudly call themselves, asked for this collection of daily essays that can be carried, highlighted, read and reread anytime and anywhere, and left close by for meditation. This book is for all seeking to make life and relationships with ourselves and others work with greater love. It recognizes and embraces our common humanity and challenges, and helps each reader to call forth the inner strength, resilience and courage we might have forgotten we had.

A playbook for living and loving agelessly, these essays or meditations, as some call them, remain timelessly relevant for all at any and every phase of life.