California is a dream destination for many—and with endless sunshine, a local, luxury lifestyle and an abundance of things to do, it offers a great deal to those who visit. California’s biggest city is Los Angeles—and this fantastic destination needs to be on every tourist’s radar.

• The beaches: Los Angeles is home to some of America’s best beaches and each one has its own unique character. Venice Beach is one of LA’s most known beaches and with its numerous galleries, quirky shops, street performers, Muscle Beach bodybuilders and more, it’s the perfect place for a spot of people-watching. Santa Monica is another fantastic LA beach district and it’s perfect for those who want to chill out in the sun, get active on the beach or maybe do a spot of shopping. Outside of these two beaches though, a whole host of others can be found to visit, including Manhattan Beach and Malibu.

• The Wizarding World of Harry Potter: Universal Hollywood has always been a must when visiting Los Angeles but with the addition of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, it’s an even bigger must-do. Complete with its own Hogwarts Castle and Harry Potter themed rides, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is an incredible experience for everyone who visits. Grab a butter-beer and muggle watch—or why not test one’s limits on the Dragon’s Challenge?

• Santa Monica Pier: Santa Monica isn’t just home to an incredible South California beach; it’s also home to a fantastic pier that’s perfect for a day out. Take in amazing views, enjoy a bite to eat, thrill to the pier’s roller coaster, catch a sunset or simply stroll around some of the shops. Santa Monica pier is one of the largest piers in the US and it’s packed with fun for everyone. It also looks great with a sunset as its backdrop, so do take the camera.

• The food: Los Angeles is known for its amazing cuisine and eating out in LA will definitely be one of the highlights of any trip. Los Angeles has dining options to suit every taste and budget. From typical American-style diners offering ribs and burgers to juice bars and sushi restaurants, they cover everything on LA’s restaurant scene. For a real sweet treat, check out Sprinkles Cupcakes in Beverly Hills for a cupcake to be remembered forever.

• Beverly Hills: Beverly Hills is one of Los Angeles’ most famous districts and it’s home to the famous zip code 90210. Beverly Hills is a must when visiting LA and a walking tour is highly recommended to see everything it has to offer. Learn about the value of homes in the area, do some celeb spotting and check out the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, which was made famous in the iconic movie Pretty Woman! Rodeo Drive is a mecca for celebrities and it’s a great place to do some high-end window shopping! Rodeo Drive features all major luxury brands including Chanel and Gucci.• Hiking & biking: Los Angeles is a health-conscious city and everywhere there are people enjoying an active lifestyle. There are loads of hiking trails throughout Los Angeles, so why not put on those sneakers and get active? Biking is also very popular in LA with the coastal route along Santa Monica being very popular. If hiking and biking aren’t quite appealing but embracing the local, fitness buzz does sound good, why not partake in some yoga on the beach?

• TV & movie site spotting: Many movies and TV shows are filmed in Los Angeles and throughout the city, many famous locations, buildings and more from people’s favorite movies and TV shows can be spotted. For anyone who wants to go that step further into the world of TV and film, it is recommended that they take in a TV/movie set tour of Universal Studios, Warner Brothers, Paramount Pictures or Sony Pictures on their trip.

Los Angeles is a wonderful place to spend a vacation—just bring the sunscreen and make sure you’ve got enough time to do all the exciting things worth doing!

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