For work, I read the full range of media. I read things I agree with, things I disagree with and things I cannot believe I have to waste my time reading. I read everything because my crisis management work requires me to stay informed and up to date on all kinds of issues.

This said, here’s a story about why I recommend reading more than just those publications you like.  

Years ago, I wrote a health book with my brother, Tom Griesel. My PR team, led by the amazing Laura Radocaj booked a segment on a top national TV morning show featuring a reader who contacted me on Facebook and told me that he had lost 75 pounds in 6 months by following the plan.  

Weeks of work went in to finalizing all the details for the TV segment that would feature the special guest who traveled from CA to NYC to film the show. Five minutes before the live segment was about to start filming, while we were all standing on set — three guys in suits from the legal department abruptly arrived. They spoke to the star hosts and said: “You cannot mention the name of this diet book!  X Company (no, not the former Twitter, but a B I G diet company) is the sponsor of this show!”

At that moment, as my hopes dropped, I had a big realization:  Pay attention to who the sponsor is, of whatever show you watch, because viewers only get to see the news or programming after it has been filtered through the sponsor’s perspective.

Now, you might be wondering what ultimately happened!  Yes, the segment aired!  And even better, my book’s title was “TurboCharged.”  When the guest dieter walked on set and stood in front of the pants that he used to wear that could fit 4 strapping men…the hosts took one look at him and said: “My Goodness! You really are TurboCharged!”   With that opening from the hosts of the show, our guest continued to talk about our book.  It was a best-seller by the time we left the studio.

So lesson number 2?  The show’s not over until it’s over!

PS: This is the 2012 back cover image of my brother Tom and I for our book, TurboCharged.

I’m @DianGriesel aka @SilverDisobedience A Perception Analyst who shares my Daily Meditations for other Ageless, Passionate & Curious People.