Go through life with a dreamer’s attitude. Remember the most wasted of all days is the day when we have not laughed. So with this in mind, keep finding ways to keep your dreams alive while using your energy wisely and in positive ways. The more you uncover ways to add the work to the dream mix, the more excitement and love you will feel. And that love can be felt by anyone it is bestowed upon if you challenge yourself to be brave enough to share it.  

Yes, you’ll face plenty of challenges and meet those others whom you think have it way better than you do. But in my experience? The only totally perfectly normal people, the ones who appear to have all the boxes checked, the families that always seem to be smiling and getting through life without any glitches? Well those normal people are always the ones I don’t know very well. The ones I do know? Well they fight, cry, love, try, miss, love and try again. That’s what it gets down to: The real life people keep showing up in their personal relationships and lives to try day-after-day.

Think carefully about the role you play, as well as those roles you think you want to play, along with who you want to play with. No amount of special effects can make a poorly written script into a good movie.  

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