Years ago, our daughter who is an amazingly talented performer and singer decided to play volleyball. The season started off understandably a little rough at first as she’d never played volleyball before. Then at one of the games, she was suddenly acing every serve and scored 10 points for her team in a row. The other team just couldn’t return her serve. I asked her what changed:  She said, “One day, Coach said: Is that really how you’d play a volleyball player if you were staring in a Broadway show?” She thought: “No. I’d do it like this…” and suddenly she changed her moves. 

I share this story because if you’re having trouble with anything in life, start pretending you’re doing it. Pretending is a very powerful state. It requires recollection, pulling files from the vast computer sitting atop of your shoulders; visualization, as you see the action desired; and ultimately action, as you practice putting the move, thought, idea or whatever into action.  

You see once we start pretending, our neurological processes begin to support our goals. It’s how we’re wired. See it, believe it and act upon it.  

Don’t worry if you know exactly how to do whatever it is you want to do.  Do you research, visualize it and start pretending that you now how to do it.  Run the visualization film over and over again, then practice until you feel comfortable. 

Give it a try. Let me know how you’re doing!

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