Light, defined by wavelengths, is electromagnetic radiation within a spectrum the human eye can perceive. There are many sources of light: The obvious being sunlight, lightbulbs, gas, flames, and x-rays, for example. But I have 3 favorite types of light: 1st is called black body light which emits from stars, planets and black holes, according to Stephen Hawking’s radiation theory.  2nd is metaphysical auras which are believed to be colored emanation of light energy. While auras have been debunked, I do believe we radiate light via smiles. My 3rd favorite is the light that skilled experts manage to direct to make a picture remarkably fascinating. Pictures pop and become memorable because light has been directed, reflected, bounced and shaded to create a feeling, mood and ultimate image.

I’ve been thinking about light a lot lately as I’m working on a new project which involves expanding my PR and creative services by opening a new photography studio in NYC. Understanding the light in any new space is of paramount importance. This reel is images taken during my first studio light test. While I’m mostly smiling, they were taken simultaneously during a minor disaster. There is a building going up adjacent to the building I live in. By adjacent, I mean spooning right up against our building with no room in between to breathe. The other day, while the huge construction crews were drilling up the street for all kinds of wiring and demolition was in full swing — I was trying to set up my lighting and also recording a self-taped audition. Not only did the curtain rod holding my velvet curtains in my bedroom rip right from the wall — one of my studio backdrops bent and collapsed from all the vibrations. I’m sure my agent and the casting agent who viewed my audition wondered about the noise and my crooked backdrops! Yet, remarkably, throughout the chaos, the light stayed marvelously beautiful throughout the deafening noise! These are a few of the test shots. I’ll certainly share more about this new venture and no doubt I’ll be boring you with plenty more images as I keep playing with magical light: The most essential component of every memorable image.