The power of imagination is found in believing, looking for and ultimately seeing possibilities surrounding what can be done.  But to fully ignite imagination’s power, we will have to add action, and confidently trust that we can transform our imaginative ideas into creating progress in our day to day lives.

Our imagination is like a personal laboratory where we can experiment, see ourselves overcoming adversity and ultimately “see” what happens as we move forward.  

When we close our eyes and take deep breaths, we are cementing the possibility as we couple it with the visualization within our mind’s eye. 

Imagination allows us to plan for the possibilities, rehearse our moves, map out our intentions and picture ourselves overcoming obstacles as we push ourselves forward towards our desired destinations.

Imagination + Action turns Possibilities into New Realities.  

PS: Happy Birthday to long time Silver Disobedient @PainterEdwin (Edwin Carl Caulley)  Thanks for using your imagination to bring me to life in paint! 

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