Several readers have asked me to address separation and divorce. These are big personal topics. As such, the best advice I can share if faced with the ending of a relationship—by choice or not— is to maintain dignity.

Our dignity is a great asset. Dignity is how we hold ourselves, conduct our actions, and speak so that it indicates our self-respect while honoring and considering the gravity of the situation. It is acting with elevated character that acknowledges our own worthiness, that of the other as well as any others, particularly children.

To act in a way that does not uphold our dignity, regardless of how a relationship is collapsing, belittles oneself and implies a lack of self worth. Maintaining dignity respects what the relationship once was.

Being dignified is not being rude or distant. Dignity is maintaining character and acting in a way that warrants respect. 

Dignity is not false. It is not disloyal to what was. Dignity is not petty or small.  

If a relationship is ending, it is paramount to be dignified. 

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