I don’t think I know what it means to be wise. I think I understand the concept of ‘having wisdom’ even less. What I do know is that we each have our years of experiences. Each of those experiences has made us familiar with something we didn’t always know. This familiarity, with situations as well as the nature of things and people in those moments, becomes our collective basis of recollections, skills, life training, caution, judgement, knowledge, prudence, sophistication, understandings, savvy and maybe adds to our sense of maturity (another word that’s built upon interpretations!) 

We can offer and share this aggregation of experiences built over our lifetimes. Still what we are imparting is our interpretations. Others may or may not relate. They may have their own perspectives or need to develop them to learn. 

So if I had to try to answer: What is wisdom? I’d have to sum it up by stating I believe it is the ability to question, more than answer.

What do you think?

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