I think the meaning of life can be summed up in two ideas: Death and Happiness. 

Death because from the minute we are born, our time is ticking away at a finite lifeline with an undisclosed termination date. If we really understand the fact that life ends in death, we’d stop wasting time mentally and/or physically lingering in minutiae that steals our peace during this amazing blip of time we are granted.  We’d refocus and reset our emotions more quickly so we could get on with doing things that move us forward towards….Happiness… which comes next.  

Happiness is part 2 of life’s meaning because once we truly accept that death comes to all of us without a warning date, we become more real about embracing the time we have now. With this awareness of our finite nature, we get more of a sense of urgency to start doing what we want and need to do to increase our self-fulfillment (which holds a different definition for each of us) and, in turn, naturally leads to a greater sense of happiness. 

That’s what I’m thinking about today. And, the fact that it’s never to late too get happy!

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