We all know that feeling—the thrill of the first time. Think back to the first time you rode a bicycle, your first kiss, the first time you saw the Grand Canyon at sunset, the first time you saw the person who would one day become your spouse and maybe even your first child or even grandchild. Those moments are etched into memory. The magic of “firsts” isn’t reserved for the young. Life can be exciting and full of new experiences no matter how many you’ve already had, and it may benefit your brain as well.

You don’t have to throw out all your beloved hobbies to chase that first-time feel. University of Chicago researchers found that you can simply change the way you do something in order to make if feel new and reap those mental benefits. In a paper published by Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin the researchers did a simple experiment with popcorn. Half the participants could eat popcorn as usual, and the other half could eat it but couldn’t use their hands. The participants who couldn’t use their hands enjoyed the experience and the popcorn more than the other group. Take this research and try to incorporate it into your own life. If you love painting but you’ve become bored, try painting in a new location, outside, or at a park. Try painting a different subject or in a different style. Get creative by making small shifts to refresh your hobbies and get that first-time feel again.

One of the best things about all “firsts” is not only experiencing them but also remembering them as beautiful memories. But will we always have these memories? According to the University of Michigan National Poll on Healthy Aging, two in five adults age 50–64 (44%) worry about developing progressive memory decline. This worry might be alleviated by several studies that show long-term memory (as well as special memory and word recall) was improved by taking 750mg of cocoa flavanols daily. This research has led to the launch of CocoaVia™ Memory+, a cocoa flavanol supplement that increases blood flow throughout the body, including parts of the brain that are sensitive to aging and memory loss.

Whether you pick up something totally new or revamp an old hobby, there are ways to keep chasing the magic of “firsts” – and a supplement to help you remember your “firsts”. Get busy and try something new today. Take a chance, meet someone new, get creative, and try Memory+. Never stop having “firsts” to keep your brain fit and happy.

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