The Law of Attraction is the belief that our thoughts are a form of energy & what we think about is what we attract. We all know happy people who seem to always be talking about the great things happening to them. Yes, they have down moments, but for the majority, things always seem to be going right for these folks. We also know those who always seem to be fighting their way through life, who believe everyone is lining up, trying their best to make their lives miserable in some way or another. We also know people constantly worrying about one thing or another…and sure enough, it does seem like cause for concern constantly befalls them.

Here’s why: Our subconscious mind has one job. It’s role is to make “reality” out of what we “believe” to be right. It’s the “validator.” You believe things are going great? Your subconscious’ job is to support, prove & validate that belief, making it reality. However, the flip side is true as well: If you believe you can’t do, have, win, meet or achieve…whatever— your subconscious will help to create the situations, find all the reasons and seek the people to support your beliefs.  You will prove yourself to be miserably correct.

The point is that since the job of our subconscious is to prove our beliefs to be correct, it might be time to take a belief inventory. If we don’t take the time to do this, we’re choosing to run on autopilot with dire consequences as we may be heading straight towards disappointment in any number of ways.

If you get one thing out of reading this blog today or any day, let it be this: 99% of what you want and need originates in your mind. (I’m leaving a 1% variable because sometimes inexplicable crap just happens.) We get what we believe we deserve, not what we want, because our powerful subconscious supports every effort to put our thoughts into action, causing things to happen. Our subconscious mind is always subservient, taking directions from our beliefs. If we desire something, but don’t believe it’s possible, we are stalling our own powerful engines. It’s time to get our motors running! Fueling our minds with positive thoughts to get the knocks out asap with actions that support our beliefs. Try it. This is a universal law. Watch what happens. I dare ya!

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